Law Offices of Jan Meyer and Associates, PC

Practice Areas

Law Offices of Jan Meyer and Associates, P.C. provides sound legal practice and in depth experience in a broad range of practice areas.

Our attorneys are dedicated to effectively serving our clients by finding solutions to their legal and business challenges. Our client centered approach means that we will work to satisfy your needs- whatever it takes. We prefer at first to negotiate practical resolutions to disputes, but Jan Meyer and Associates is fully prepared to take matters through trial, if reasonable resolutions cannot be achieved through negotiations or arbitration.

The power of Jan Meyer and Associates lies within our commitment to customer service. Our attorneys and support staff are responsive and available for any questions or concerns. We provide frequent status reports, and answer all calls and emails promptly.

In addition, Jan Meyer and Associates carefully review the circumstances of each proposed assignment before accepting it. This review ensures that we can offer a strong commitment to represent the client, without any conflicts of interest.